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All inquiries and grant proposals for non-profit organizations are welcomed and reviewed equally.  Final disposition of all proposals is made at meetings of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, in May and December of each year.  Proposal deadlines are April 1st for the spring and November 1st for the fall.  Any proposals received after the deadline will be held for review at our next meeting. 


Your request for funding should be submitted as a formal proposal.  Please do not use presentation binders, report covers, display binders, or folders.  The proposal should be concise, clearly written, and include the following:


  • A detailed explanation of the purpose and objectives of the proposed project or activity.  A brief history of the organization and those of whom it serves.  Please include the community need for the project. 


  • A most recent audited financial statement, a current and itemized annual budget for your organization, and project budget if applicable.  Please include the amount needed for the entire project and the amount of the grant you are requesting. 


  • A list of major sources of support, your staff description, and list of the Board of Trustees. 


  • The most recent copy of your organization’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt letter from the Internal Revenue Service. 


  • The description of an evaluation plan. 


Letters of inquiry and proposals should be addressed to:


            James D. Weaver, Chairman                                       

            The Gordon A. Cain Foundation                                 

            Eight Greenway Plaza East, Suite 606                      

            Houston, Texas 77046


*Please do not fax or email proposals.  They will not be considered. 

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