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“I am astonished at how much can be done with some luck and a lot of help from others.”  - Gordon A. Cain


Gordon A. Cain and his wife Mary established The Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation in 1988 to provide financial support to charitable organizations.  In 2007 the foundation made a historic grant of $100 million to the John Motley Morehead Foundation in support of the Morehead Scholars Program at the University of North Carolina.  Remaining assets of the Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation were used to found The Gordon A. Cain Foundation in an effort to continue Gordon's philanthropic legacy and honor his generous spirit.  


Gordon was constantly looking for a better way to improve lives.  He was a self-made man who put faith in innovation and trust in other human beings.  Although originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Gordon found great personal happiness and professional success through entrepreneurial ventures in Houston, Texas and his commitment to the local community there is a cornerstone of the foundation today.  


The Gordon A. Cain foundation works to support non-profit organizations that provide valuable services and research through bi-yearly grants.  It is a family run foundation based in Houston, Texas.  For more information on the life of Gordon A. Cain, please refer to his biography "Everybody Wins: A Life In Free Enterprise".

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